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Reverse dependencies for dm-timestamps 1.2.0

data_mapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

1,448,820 下載

engineyard-cloud-client 2.1.1

This gem connects to the EY Cloud API

554,394 下載

datamapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

367,250 下載

dm-devise 2.2.1

dm-devise adds DataMapper support to devise ( fo...

169,176 下載

opentox-ruby-api-wrapper 1.6.5

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

63,482 下載

ronin 1.5.0

Ronin is a Ruby platform for exploit development and security research. Ronin allows fo...

61,433 下載

rails_dm_datastore 0.2.16

This gem patches all of the problems that appear from running Rails with DataMapper on ...

40,480 下載

sinatra-authentication 0.4.1

Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

34,206 下載

ixtlan 0.4.3

this is set of rails and datamapper plugins for setting up a little more advanced rails...

31,275 下載

opentox-ruby 4.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

24,111 下載

orange-more 0.7.3

Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra

22,497 下載

ircbot 0.2.2

An irc bot framework that offers easy-to-use by plugins

18,416 下載

hancock 0.0.8

A gem that provides a Single Sign On server

18,393 下載

redsafe 0.1.6

Red Safe is a conveyor belt to get your web-based project on a fast roll.

15,898 下載

desviar 0.0.18

Desviar provides URL redirection; some possible applications include: - Web signup proc...

15,256 下載

mason-server 0.0.5

builds things

14,422 下載

js-client-bridge 0.1.6

Little library that encapsulates a (particular) standardised way of talking between a s...

13,687 下載

auxesis-flapjack 0.4.10

Flapjack is highly scalable and distributed monitoring system. It understands the Nagio...

12,593 下載

torquebox-stompbox 0.3.3

StompBox - Git-based deployment console for TorqueBox

11,708 下載

ixtlan-optimistic 0.2.4

optimistic find/get on model via updated_at timestamp for datamapper and activerecord

10,629 下載

entp-astrotrain 0.4.3

email => http post

10,589 下載

sras 2.1.6

Asset server for use with OpenSimulator

10,197 下載

ixtlan-user-management 0.3.1

helper for managing users with login/password via local db or remote rest-services

9,903 下載

ixtlan-configuration 0.2.2

configuration for other ixtlan-xyz wth serializer, input-filter and cuba definition

9,835 下載

jm81-dm-address 0.5.0

Add address fields to a DataMapper model. This includes optional validations, and addit...

9,790 下載

accounts 0.0.1

Accounts::Server defines the following paths for your web-app: * POST '/logon' * POST ...

8,224 下載


Your Friendly Continuous Integration server. Easy, fun and painless!

7,957 下載

fox 0.6.3

Commandline interface and library to the Fox Scientific Paper Suite

7,035 下載


Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

6,726 下載

dm-deep_cloning 1.0.3

A library that lets you clone objects and object graphs

6,721 下載

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