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json-schemaの被依存性 2.8.1

inspec 4.7.3

InSpec provides a framework for creating end-to-end infrastructure tests. You can use i...

21,377,696 ダウンロード

slack-ruby-client 0.14.2

Slack Web and RealTime API client.

4,261,496 ダウンロード

metadata-json-lint 2.2.0

Utility to verify Puppet metadata.json files

3,623,376 ダウンロード

inspec-core 4.7.3

Core InSpec, local support only. See `inspec` for full support.

2,983,102 ダウンロード

apipie-rails 0.5.16

Rails REST API documentation tool

2,656,108 ダウンロード

slack-api 1.6.1

A Ruby wrapper for the Slack API

831,858 ダウンロード

activerecord_json_validator 1.2.0

ActiveRecord::JSONValidator makes it easy to validate JSON attributes with a JSON schema.

483,093 ダウンロード

rswag-specs 2.0.5

Simplify API integration testing with a succinct rspec DSL and generate Swagger files d...

479,949 ダウンロード

apivore 1.6.2

Tests your rails API using its OpenAPI (Swagger) description of end-points, models, and...

361,736 ダウンロード

apipie-params 0.0.5

Allows defining structure of data and perform validation against it using json-schema

328,101 ダウンロード

opener-daemons 2.6.3

Toolkit for turning OpeNER components into daemons

251,753 ダウンロード

rdf-vocab 3.0.8

Defines several standard RDF vocabularies

247,487 ダウンロード

open_api_parser 1.3.0

A parser for Open API specifications

220,685 ダウンロード

optimizely-sdk 3.1.1

A Ruby SDK for Optimizely's Full Stack product.

215,855 ダウンロード

fdoc 0.3.3

A tool for documenting API endpoints.

184,972 ダウンロード

json-schema-rspec 0.0.4

Adds RSpec matchers for validating JSON schemas

144,522 ダウンロード

interpol 0.11.0

Interpol is a toolkit for working with API endpoint definition files, giving you a stub...

113,837 ダウンロード

http_stub 0.28.1

A service virtualization tool that encourages contract based tests in API consumers and...

108,563 ダウンロード

sufia 7.4.1

Sufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...

105,820 ダウンロード

marty 3.1.0

Marty is a framework for viewing and reporting on versioned data.

99,343 ダウンロード

cucumber-api 0.7

cucumber-api allows API JSON response validation and verification in BDD style.

99,151 ダウンロード

xclarity_client 0.6.7

Lenovo XClarity API Client

91,085 ダウンロード

swagger-diff 1.1.2

Swagger::Diff is a utility for comparing two different Open API Initiative (OAI) specif...

90,597 ダウンロード

json-schema-generator 0.0.9

A very basic json-schema generator

83,255 ダウンロード

json-schema_builder 0.8.2

Build JSON schemas with Ruby

72,530 ダウンロード

govuk-content-schema-test-helpers 1.6.1

This app provides test helpers for working with [alphagov/govuk-content-schemas](https:...

71,325 ダウンロード

occi-core 5.0.4

The rOCCI toolkit is a collection of classes simplifying implementation of Open Cloud C...

66,237 ダウンロード

rspec_json_schema_matcher 0.1.1

Validate JSON in your specs using JSON schema.

66,201 ダウンロード

aws-xray 0.37.1

The unofficial X-Ray Tracing SDK for Ruby.

64,198 ダウンロード

neuron-client 0.6.0

Neuron Admin Client Gem

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