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Dependencias inversas para json_spec 1.1.5

buff-config 2.0.0

A simple configuration class

5.419.955 Descargas

slather 2.4.7

Test coverage reports for Xcode projects

2.042.904 Descargas

avro_turf 0.10.0

A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby

1.111.205 Descargas

avro-builder 0.16.1

Ruby DSL to create Avro schemas

905.496 Descargas

conjur-cli 6.2.1

Conjur command line interface

148.928 Descargas

surveyor 1.4.0

A rails (gem) plugin to enable surveys in your application

147.237 Descargas

devise-doorkeeper 1.1.2

Support authentication via OAuth2 tokens dispensed from the Doorkeeper authorization flow

129.033 Descargas

conjur-api 5.3.1

Conjur API

128.432 Descargas

api_canon 0.4.7

api_canon is a declarative documentation generator for APIs. Dec...

40.616 Descargas

mercury_amqp 0.10.0

Abstracts common patterns used with AMQP

32.525 Descargas

hyperion_http 0.6.0

Ruby REST client for internal service architecture

29.880 Descargas

inkling_api 0.1.3

Gem to interact with inkling markets API

27.484 Descargas

cucumber-blendle-steps 0.9.3

Cucumber steps used by all of Blendle Ruby projects

27.226 Descargas

openpay 2.0.0

ruby client for Openpay API services (version 2.0.0)

26.319 Descargas

pacto 0.3.1

Pacto is a judge that arbitrates contract disputes between a service provider and one o...

21.886 Descargas

vcloud-walker 5.1.0

Vcloud-walker is a command line tool to describe different vCloud entities. ...

21.466 Descargas

conjur-asset-policy 0.13.0

Fully declarative YAML markup for Conjur policy.

18.264 Descargas

fix_spec 1.0.2

Build and Inspect FIX Messages with RSpec and Cucumber steps

15.797 Descargas

credly 0.0.9

ruby client for the Credly API

15.643 Descargas

xing-backend 0.0.25

Xing is a Rails + AngularJS + Hypermedia web development framework and platform. This ...

14.598 Descargas

milo 0.0.7

Track in real time the price and availability of every product carried by every locatio...

13.479 Descargas

aria2_driver 0.1.0

Simple api to manage aria2c via api

13.259 Descargas

conjur-asset-environment-api 0.2.7

Conjur asset plugin describing environments and variables

13.200 Descargas

scenario_server 0.1.3

This gem is useful for development where a mock rest api server is required and with fr...

12.289 Descargas

community-zero 2.0.2

Self-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef Community Site for testing.

11.120 Descargas

metrics_spy 0.0.5

This gem is useful for development where we need to capture and validate the request pa...

10.335 Descargas

help-scout-docs 0.1

This limited (read-only) Help Scout Docs API integration provides functionality for ext...

10.109 Descargas

conjur-asset-dsl2 0.6.1

A fully declarative DSL for Conjur with Ruby and YAML syntax.

9.863 Descargas

api-spec 0.3.1

Helpers for writing cucumber API tests.

9.608 Descargas

conjur-asset-key-pair-api 0.3.2

Conjur asset plugin for RSA key pairs.

9.404 Descargas

Total de descargas 5.882.391

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