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Reverse dependencies for mustermann Latest version of the following gems require mustermann

sinatra 2.1.0

Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.

139,454,584 下載

mustermann-grape 1.0.1

Adds Grape style patterns to Mustermman

16,652,633 下載

sinatra-contrib 2.1.0

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

11,476,879 下載

hanami-router 1.3.2

Rack compatible HTTP router for Ruby

308,195 下載

mustermann-contrib 1.1.1

Adds many plugins to Mustermann

145,458 下載

angelo 0.5.1

A Sinatra-like DSL for Reel that supports websockets and SSE

77,682 下載

webspicy 0.15.8

Webspicy helps testing web services as software operation black boxes

37,517 下載

em-midori 0.4.3

Midori is a Ruby Web Framework, providing high performance and proper abstraction.

33,204 下載

apiculture 0.1.5

A toolkit for building REST APIs on top of Rack

24,015 下載

api_sim 8.0.0

A DSL on top of sinatra for building application simulators

20,715 下載

ramverk 0.10.1

Ramverk is a web application framework written in Ruby.

16,817 下載

pendragon 1.0.0

Provides an HTTP router for use in Rack and Padrino.

10,729 下載

sportweb 0.3.3

sportweb - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool

8,320 下載

webservice 0.7.0

webservice - yet another HTTP JSON API (web service) builder

7,733 下載

howl-router 0.3.0

A http router for Rack and Padrino.

6,996 下載

midori.rb 0.7.1

Midori is a Ruby Web Framework, providing high performance and proper abstraction.

6,209 下載

es-readmodel 1.0.2

An opinionated read model framework for use with EventStore

5,884 下載

rutter 0.3.2

HTTP router for Rack.

4,898 下載

eldr 0.0.4

A minimal framework that lights a fire in your development. Built cl...

4,477 下載

mustermann-everything 0.4.0

Meta gem depending on all official Mustermann gems

2,783 下載

flon 0.3.1

Flon, the API maker that uses JSON

2,619 下載

sinatra-slack 0.10.1

Create Slack apps with a simple Sinatra specific DSL

2,388 下載

mustermann-rails 0.4.0

Adds Rails style patterns to Mustermman

2,315 下載

pytty 0.5.0


2,312 下載

fenix-core 0.0.1

Lightweight web framework inspired by Sinatra

2,265 下載

mustermann-flask 0.4.0

Adds Flask style patterns to Mustermman

2,234 下載

jebanni 0.0.1

SSE Streaming server (not Rack)

1,928 下載

mustermann-simple 0.4.0

Adds Sinatra 1.x style patterns to Mustermman

1,896 下載

wayfarer-jruby 0.0.3

Versatile web crawling with JRuby

1,895 下載

mustermann-visualizer 0.4.0

Provides syntax highlighting and other visualizations for Mustermman

1,868 下載

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