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Dependencias inversas para opal Latest version of the following gems require opal

volt 0.9.6

A reactive Ruby web framework where your Ruby code runs on both the server and the clie...

210.712 Descargas

opal-rails 2.0.1

Rails bindings for opal JS engine

144.776 Descargas

opal-jquery 0.4.4

Opal DOM library for jQuery

130.988 Descargas

opal-activesupport 0.3.3

The port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal

101.173 Descargas

roda-component 0.1.73

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

90.010 Descargas

opal-rspec 0.7.1

Opal compatible RSpec library

86.561 Descargas

opal-sprockets 1.0.0

Sprockets support for Opal.

82.090 Descargas

isomorfeus-react 16.13.10

Write React Components in Ruby.

66.546 Descargas

opal-spec 0.3.2

Opal compatible spec library

61.269 Descargas


An extension for Asciidoctor that converts AsciiDoc documents to LaTeX and provides LaT...

47.127 Descargas

opal-browser 0.2.0

Browser support for Opal.

42.889 Descargas

inesita 0.9.2

Frontent web framework for Opal

40.458 Descargas

reactive-ruby 0.7.41

Write React UI components in pure Ruby.

38.322 Descargas

faastruby 0.5.30

FaaStRuby CLI - Manage workspaces and functions hosted at

33.006 Descargas

opal-webpack-loader 0.9.11

Bundle assets with webpack, resolve and compile opal ruby files and import them in the ...

30.783 Descargas

latexmath 0.1.5

Converts LaTeX math into MathML.

27.410 Descargas

bowser 1.1.0

Minimalist browser support for Opal apps

27.261 Descargas

opal-connect 0.0.22

Connect Opal to Ruby.

24.556 Descargas

opal-virtual-dom 0.6.1

virtual-dom wrapper for opal

23.566 Descargas

hyperloop-config 0.99.6

Provides a single point configuration module for hyperloop gems

23.164 Descargas

clearwater 1.1.3

Front-end Ruby web framework for fast, reasonable, and composable applications

22.991 Descargas

markdo 0.2.0

Markdown-based task manager

19.758 Descargas

hyper-resource 1.0.0.lap90

Write Browser Apps that transparently access server side resources like 'MyModel.first_...

19.557 Descargas

opal-haml 0.4.6

Run Haml templates client-side with Opal.

19.144 Descargas

menilite 0.5.11

This is isomorphic models for sharing between client side and server side.

18.995 Descargas

isomorfeus-transport 1.0.0.zeta25

Various transport options for Isomorfeus.

17.446 Descargas

hyper-react 0.99.6

Write advanced React components in Ruby.

17.083 Descargas

isomorfeus-redux 4.0.23

Use different stores within Isomorfeus and write reducers for redux.

16.465 Descargas

gamefic-sdk 2.3.2

Development and command-line tools for Gamefic

15.897 Descargas

snabberb 1.4.0

Snabberb is a minimalistic Opal view framework based on Snabbdom. You can write efficie...

15.733 Descargas

Total de descargas 391.800

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