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Reverse dependencies for pg_search Latest version of the following gems require pg_search

kuhsaft 2.6.3

Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

170,205 下載


Core for all Tramway Rails Engines

89,353 下載

decidim-core 0.23.1

Adds core features so other engines can hook into the framework.

66,147 下載

ack_rocket_cms_activerecord 0.9.2

AckRocketCMS - RocketCMS fork - ActiveRecord metapackage

47,244 下載

enjoy_cms_activerecord 0.4.1

EnjoyCMS - ActiveRecord metapackage

36,560 下載

cambium 1.3.2

Rails generators to facilitate development.

35,271 下載

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

21,404 下載

qbrick 2.7.1

Qbrick is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

18,817 下載

blog-gem 0.1.20

Blog Tool for the Shubbl Homepage

13,997 下載

catarse_full 0.1.0

Gem packaging of Catarse, a crowdfunding application.

11,645 下載

carload 0.5.3

Carload is built with taste, and tries to be just right!

11,621 下載


HancockCMS - ActiveRecord metapackage

8,210 下載

fetcha 0.2.3

Enable api to respond to jsonapi query string

5,746 下載

croods 0.3.3

A framework for creating CRUDs in Rails APIs

4,673 下載

zip_search 0.2.0

Search by zip code.

2,585 下載

refinerycms-pgsearch 0.1

Provides extra functionality for searching your frontend website using Refinery CMS.

2,480 下載

cas-cms 0.1.3

Description of Cas.

2,336 下載

lcms-engine 0.3.0

Implements common components and features for Rails-based LCMS systems

1,776 下載

switch_searchable 0.0.1

Manages different search engines in a Rails app

1,046 下載

alchemy-pg_search 1.2.0

PostgreSQL search for Alchemy CMS 3.0

633 下載

translation_cms 0.1.5

Translation CMS based on WritersCms api v2(t#3)

556 下載

decidim-members 0.1.13

This gem is a member list and search plugin for decidim, you can active the gem via sys...

505 下載

總下載次數 7,792,258

這個版本 26,242

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5