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rails 的反向依赖 6.0.0

hamlit 2.9.3

High Performance Haml Implementation

3,828,612 下载

hamlit 2.9.3

High Performance Haml Implementation

3,828,612 下载

truncate_html 0.9.3

Truncates html so you don't have to

3,761,900 下载

ace-rails-ap 4.2

The Cloud9 Editor (Ace) for the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline.

3,352,912 下载

graphiql-rails 1.7.0

Use the GraphiQL IDE for GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. This gem includes an engine, a con...

3,224,392 下载

rack_session_access 0.2.0

Rack middleware that provides access to rack.session environment

3,124,594 下载

rails_admin 2.0.0

RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your d...

3,042,103 下载

gettext_i18n_rails 1.8.0

Simple FastGettext Rails integration.

2,945,836 下载

webpack-rails 0.9.11

No longer maintained - use webpacker instead.

2,789,772 下载

apipie-rails 0.5.16

Rails REST API documentation tool

2,740,766 下载

grease 0.3.2

Grease provides an adapter to use Tilt as extension of Sprockets 3 or later.

2,722,331 下载

rails-api 0.4.1

Rails::API is a subset of a normal Rails application, created ...

2,712,397 下载

d3_rails 4.1.1

Gem installation of javascript framework for data visualization, D3

2,693,864 下载

react_on_rails 11.3.0


2,540,960 下载

react_on_rails 11.3.0


2,540,960 下载

chosen-rails 1.8.7

Chosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem...

2,534,764 下载

breadcrumbs_on_rails 3.0.1

BreadcrumbsOnRails is a simple Ruby on Rails plugin for creating and managing a breadcr...

2,494,057 下载

seedbank 0.5.0

Adds simple rake commands for seeding your database. Simple dependencies let you organi...

2,447,641 下载

wicked 1.3.3

Wicked is a Rails engine for producing easy wizard controllers

2,433,424 下载

sunspot_rails 2.5.0

Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rai...

2,361,215 下载

stripe_event 2.2.0

Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.

2,333,658 下载

deface 1.5.1

Deface is a library that allows you to customize ERB, Haml and Slim views in a Rails ap...

2,308,910 下载

split 3.3.2

Rack based split testing framework

2,292,274 下载

gettext_i18n_rails_js 1.3.0

It will find translations inside your .js and .coffee files, then it will create JS...

2,251,688 下载

mousetrap-rails 1.4.6

Mousetrap is a javascript library for handling keyboard shortcuts in your web applicati...

2,205,648 下载

hashie-forbidden_attributes 0.1.1

Automatic strong parameter detection with Hashie and Forbidden Attributes. Formerly kno...

2,140,826 下载

mailgun-ruby 1.2.0

Mailgun's Official Ruby SDK for interacting with the Mailgun API.

1,993,046 下载

derailed_benchmarks 1.3.6

Go faster, off the Rails

1,985,725 下载

delayed_job_web 1.4.3

Web interface for delayed_job inspired by resque

1,976,779 下载

after_commit_queue 1.3.0

Plugin for running methods on ActiveRecord models after record is committed

1,970,603 下载

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这个版本 52,016

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 1.8.11