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react-rails 的反向依赖 2.6.0

tenon 2.1.0

A highly flexible mountable Rails CMS built for rapid application development.

95,460 下载

pageflow 15.0.1

Multimedia story telling for the web.

53,575 下载


Rails + React + Backbone + magic

50,294 下载


React-Router for Rails Asset Pipeline

45,469 下载

reactive-record 0.8.3

Access active-record models inside Reactrb components. Model data is calculated during...

37,871 下载

react-rails-hot-loader 0.8.0

Tie into the `react-rails` gem to notify the client of changed files & reload asset...

36,208 下载

reactive-ruby 0.7.41

Write React UI components in pure Ruby.

33,725 下载

react-rails-img 0.1.6

simple image helpers for the rails project using react, make it easily just like using ...

26,997 下载

hyperloop 0.99.6

This gem provide the full hyperloop stack for rails plus generators for Hyperloop elements

14,093 下载

hyper-react 0.99.6

Write advanced React components in Ruby.

12,801 下载

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

12,789 下载

reactrb 0.9.0

Write React UI components in pure Ruby.

11,822 下载

hyper-router 4.1.1

Adds the ability to write and use the react-router in Ruby through Opal

10,720 下载

hyper-mesh 0.6.0

HyperMesh gives your HyperReact components CRUD access to your ActiveRecord models on t...

8,218 下载

hauler 0.3.4

Railtie to generate the files needed to use webpack as a replacement of sprockets

6,268 下载

big_query_log_viewer 0.0.7

A simple Rails engine and React app to search logs stored in Google BigQuery.

4,775 下载

reactssr-rails 2.0.1

Works with `react-rails` and `webpackrails` to server render react components by views.

4,100 下载

appbar 0.0.3

Appbar component for Rails apps based on Bootstrap's Navbar.

3,566 下载

hyper-state 0.1

Flux Stores and more for Hyperloop

3,408 下载

materialui-rails 0.0.3

material-ui + Rails

3,080 下载

react_rails_modal 0.1.3

React_rails_modal creates modal dialog easily on react-rails

2,745 下载

pages_core 3.6.2

Pages Core

2,713 下载

my_react_tools 0.0.2

Tools I need to develop web app using reactjs.

2,591 下载

zreact-router-rails 2.8.1

React-Router for Rails Asset Pipeline

2,527 下载

react-asset-path 0.0.1

Use Rails' asset_path inside ReactJS components

2,399 下载

searchkit-rails 0.0.2

This gem is a wrapper for easily adding searchkit to your rails project.

2,262 下载

pageflow-react 0.1.1

Building Pageflow page types with React.js

2,197 下载

spyro 0.0.3

Description of Spyro.

1,871 下载

react-rails-benchmark_renderer 0.1.0

Concern::Instrumentation Plugin for React::Rails Render Benchmarking with a reference i...

1,493 下载

react-rails-livereloadable_renderer 0.0.1

SprocketsRenderer for development environment

1,389 下载

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