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Reverse dependencies for rspec-rails Latest version of the following gems require rspec-rails

high_voltage 3.1.2

Fire in the disco. Fire in the ... taco bell.

4,242,885 下載

rbovirt 0.1.7

A Ruby client for oVirt REST API

3,773,747 下載

okcomputer 1.18.4

Inspired by the simplicity of Fitter Happier, but frustrated by its lack of flexibi...

3,410,087 下載


Inky is an HTML-based templating language that converts simple HTML into complex, respo...

3,246,617 下載

grape-swagger-rails 0.3.1

Swagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem

3,197,683 下載

devise-jwt 0.8.1

JWT authentication for devise with configurable token revocation strategies

3,168,932 下載

shoulda-callback-matchers 1.1.4

Making callback tests easy on the fingers and eyes

3,115,468 下載

sunspot_rails 2.5.0

Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rai...

3,072,069 下載

apartment 2.2.1

Apartment allows Rack applications to deal with database multitenancy through ActiveRecord

3,013,522 下載

canonical-rails 0.2.11

Configurable, but assumes a conservative strategy by default with a goal to solve many ...

2,908,183 下載

decent_exposure 3.0.4

DecentExposure helps you program to an interface, rather than an implementation in ...

2,856,198 下載

cloudflare-rails 2.0.0

This gem configures Rails for CloudFlare so that request.ip and request.remote_ip and w...

2,732,333 下載

sorcery 0.16.0

Provides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and re...

2,505,424 下載

versioncake 4.0.2

Render versioned views automagically based on the clients requested version.

2,411,600 下載

pundit-matchers 1.6.0

A set of RSpec matchers for testing Pundit authorisation policies

2,344,264 下載

gretel 4.2.0

Gretel is a Ruby on Rails plugin that makes it easy yet flexible to create breadcrumbs.

2,305,516 下載

voight_kampff 1.1.4

Voight-Kampff detects bots, spiders, crawlers and replicants

2,291,919 下載

mousetrap-rails 1.4.6

Mousetrap is a javascript library for handling keyboard shortcuts in your web applicati...

2,258,967 下載

griddler 1.5.2

SendGrid Parse API client Rails Engine

2,195,114 下載

statesman 8.0.2

A statesman-like state machine library

2,080,710 下載

closure_tree 7.2.0

Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord model support hierarchies

2,060,804 下載

activeadmin_addons 1.7.1

Set of addons to help with the activeadmin ui

1,999,364 下載

after_commit_everywhere 1.0.0

Brings before_commit, after_commit, and after_rollback transactional callbacks outside ...

1,814,843 下載


This gem embeddes the jQuery colorpicker in the Rails asset pipeline.

1,636,289 下載

lol_dba 2.2.0

lol_dba is a small package of rake tasks that scan your application models and displays...

1,574,402 下載

administrate 0.15.0

Administrate is heavily inspired by projects like Rails Admin and ActiveAdmin, but aims...

1,507,948 下載

caboose-cms 1.0.2

CMS built on rails with love.

1,482,769 下載

validates_overlap 1.0.0

It can be useful when you you are developing some app where you will work with meetings...

1,478,581 下載

action-cable-testing 0.6.1

Testing utils for Action Cable

1,396,406 下載

joiner 0.6.0

Builds ActiveRecord outer joins from association paths and provides references to table...

1,365,896 下載

總下載次數 116,134,804

這個版本 447,441

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.2.0