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semanticの被依存性 1.6.1

ldclient-rb 5.5.6

Official LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby

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kontena-cli 1.5.4

Command-line client for the Kontena container and microservices platform

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qtip2-jquery-rails 2.2.100

Provides the `qTip2` jQuery plugin packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

106,828 ダウンロード

zold 0.29.32

In the last few years digital currencies have successfully demonstrated their ability t...

104,596 ダウンロード

rake_fly 0.21.0

Rake tasks for common fly interactions allowing Concourse pipelines to be managed as pa...

100,534 ダウンロード

moonshot 1.0.0

A library and CLI tool for launching services into AWS.

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openstudio-aws 0.7.1

Custom classes for configuring clusters for OpenStudio & EnergyPlus analyses

86,264 ダウンロード

sambot 0.1.229

# Sambot Sambot is our internal Platform Engineering toolchain to help standardize and...

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openstudio-analysis 1.0.2

Basic classes for generating the files needed for OpenStudio-Server

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negroku 2.8.6

Deploy applications right out of the box using nginx, unicorn, bower, rails, etc

76,129 ダウンロード

nutella_framework 0.9.2

utella is a framework to create and run RoomApps

57,284 ダウンロード

browserslist_useragent 0.1.3

Provides easy way to match browser user agent string with specified set of rules (from ...

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minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

55,198 ダウンロード

desi 0.7.2

Desi (Developper Elasticsearch Installer) is very simple tool to quickly set up an Elas...

47,429 ダウンロード

jqgrid-jquery-rails 4.6.1

Provides the `jqGrid` jQuery plugin packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

39,594 ダウンロード

hobo-inviqa 0.0.15

Inviqan toolbelt

36,539 ダウンロード

percheron 0.8.1

Organise your Docker containers with muscle and intelligence

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launchdarkly-server-sdk 5.6.0

Official LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby

33,554 ダウンロード

determinator 2.3.1

Determine which experiments and features a specific actor should see.

27,239 ダウンロード

cfer 0.6.2

Toolkit for automating infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation

26,301 ダウンロード

new 1.0.10

A tool to release your software into the wild.

24,295 ダウンロード

cookbook-release 1.4.3

Provide primitives (and rake tasks) to release a cookbook

23,424 ダウンロード

elastomer-client 3.2.1

Elastomer is a low level API client for the Elasticsearch HTT...

21,553 ダウンロード

anvil-core 0.6.0

Anvil is a tool for building tools.

20,480 ダウンロード

potassium 5.2.2

An application generator from Platanus

18,297 ダウンロード

releasinator 0.7.6

The releasinator assists in building and releasing open source projects.

15,169 ダウンロード

kapost-bootstrapper 1.0.6

A small helper utility for your app to declare and setup its system dependencies

14,090 ダウンロード

gem_polisher 0.4.12

Easily create Rake tasks that mechanize Gem development workflow: Git integration, auto...

12,389 ダウンロード

distribot 0.1.12

Distributed flow engine based on redis and rabbitmq

12,220 ダウンロード

enableplaceholder-jquery-rails 1.2.206

Provides the `enablePlaceholder` jQuery plugin packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

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