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Dependencias inversas para travis Latest version of the following gems require travis

cfnpp 0.3.12

["cfnpp", ["Michael Bruce", "Stephen J. Smith"]]

24.020 Descargas

yamload 0.5.0

YAML files loader with validation

23.111 Descargas

build_eval 0.0.16

Evaluates the effective status of continuous integration builds. Useful for subsequent ...

21.699 Descargas

menuizer 1.0.1

build menu items for admin page ( like AdminLTE )

20.456 Descargas

lita-puppet 2.1.5

Some basic Puppet interactions for Lita

19.985 Descargas

activerecord_null_object 0.4.0

Implements the Null Object Pattern for nil values in ActiveRecord associations.

18.375 Descargas

see 0.0.19

Project status for programmers

18.345 Descargas

cid 0.3.2

Tools to allow continuous integration when collaborating on data in Github

16.578 Descargas

intacct_ruby 2.0.0

Allows for multi-function API calls, the addition of custom fields, and more. All in an...

16.441 Descargas

swagger_docs_generator 0.5.1

Generates swagger-ui json file for rails-api

16.402 Descargas

net_status 0.2.0

Net status return codes.

15.984 Descargas

sockit 1.2.3

Seamlessly route all TCP traffic for you application through a SOCKS v4 or v5 server wi...

15.959 Descargas

skull_island 2.0.4

A Ruby SDK for Kong 0.14.x

15.762 Descargas

timely 0.8.0

Set of time, date, weekday related methods.

14.675 Descargas

fuci-travis 0.4.1

FUCK YOU CI: For Travis! :).

14.107 Descargas

lita-activedirectory 1.2.1

ldap/active directory instructions for Lita

14.085 Descargas

dotloop 0.1.12

Ruby library for Dotloop API.

13.545 Descargas

inteltech_sms 1.1.2

Ruby gem that provides an InteltechSms class to check credit and send SMS text messages...

12.939 Descargas

middleman-vcs-time 0.0.6

Use version control to determine last-modified times of Middleman resources.

12.794 Descargas

dependent_restrict 0.2.4

This gem is not needed in Rails 3 as dependent => :raise is included in 3.0.

12.769 Descargas

heroploy 0.0.6

Helpful rake tasks to manage deploying to development, staging and production Heroku se...

12.443 Descargas

binda 0.1.11

A modular CMS for Ruby on Rails 5 with an intuitive out-of-the-box interface to manage ...

12.342 Descargas

docusign_dtr 0.3.9

Ruby library for Docusign DTR rest API

12.154 Descargas

production_toolkit 0.3.2

Integrate production gems for high quality projects.

12.133 Descargas

dotloop-ruby 0.1.8

dotloop-ruby is Ruby library for Dotloop API v2.

11.170 Descargas

rails_core_extensions 0.9.0

Set of extensions to core rails libraries.

10.352 Descargas

cartocss_helper 5.2.0

Tool to make development of CartoCSS styles more efficient. Automates actions necessary...

10.201 Descargas

buildizer 0.1.1

Packaging tool.

9.957 Descargas

vscripts 0.1.5

VScripts is a command line utility that performs a series of tasks used on's...

9.901 Descargas

flight-router 0.1.19

generate routes.json by routes DSL

9.883 Descargas

Total de descargas 3.864.569

Para esta versión 59.332

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