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Reverse dependencies for tty-spinner Latest version of the following gems require tty-spinner

fastlane 2.180.1

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

45,894,260 下載

gooddata 2.1.17

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,655,049 下載

gooddata 2.1.17

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,655,049 下載

autoproj 2.13.0

autoproj is a manager for sets of software packages. It allows the user to import and b...

632,117 下載

puppet_litmus 0.26.2

Providing a simple command line tool for puppet content creators, to enable simple and ...

450,404 下載

pdk 2.1.0

A CLI to facilitate easy, unified development workflows for Puppet modules.

289,123 下載

arcanus 1.3.0

Tool for working with encrypted secrets in repositories

280,003 下載

tty 0.10.0

A toolbox for developing beautiful command line clients.

250,468 下載

codeclimate 0.85.23

Code Climate command line tool

246,306 下載

cobra_commander 0.10.0

Tools for working with Component Based Rails Apps (see

201,237 下載

pgsync 0.6.6

Sync Postgres data between databases

185,460 下載

softwear-lib 3.3.7

Common gems and logic for all softwear apps.

140,469 下載

fastlane-plugin-firebase_test_lab 1.0.7

Test your app with Firebase Test Lab with ease using fastlane

124,301 下載

hu 2.0.23

Heroku Utility.

85,190 下載

asperalm 0.11.7

A powerful transfer gem and CLI for IBM Aspera products.

84,456 下載

redmine-installer 2.3.2

Easy way how install/upgrade Redmine, EasyRedmine or EasyProject.

78,807 下載

cloudstrap 0.51.1.pre

Strapping Boots to Clouds

47,338 下載

spandx 0.17.0

Spanx is a ruby API for interacting with the software license catalogue. This ...

43,440 下載

jobshop 0.0.179

An Open Source Manufacturing Execution System

39,108 下載

branch_io_cli 0.13.1

Set up mobile app projects (currently iOS only) to use the Branch SDK without opening X...

37,761 下載

faastruby 0.5.30

FaaStRuby CLI - Manage workspaces and functions hosted at

32,066 下載

chef-apply 0.6.3

Ad-hoc management of individual nodes and devices.

30,623 下載

terjira 0.4.8

Terjira is interactive and easy to use command line interface (or Application) for Jira...

23,049 下載

pakyow-support 1.0.6

Supporting code for Pakyow

21,136 下載

chef-core 0.0.6

Composable common actions for assembling Chef workflows

20,196 下載

blufin-lib 2.3.1

Common functionality shared between ruby gems.

17,544 下載

letsencrypt_heroku 0.2.15

Setup SSL for heroku with letsencrypt

15,186 下載

sct 1.0.5

Spend Cloud Tool enables to setup a local development environment for the Spend Cloud.

12,823 下載

pg_export 0.7.7

CLI for creating and exporting PostgreSQL dumps to FTP. Can be u...

12,266 下載

certman 0.10.0

CLI tool for AWS Certificate Manager.

11,775 下載

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