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Reverse dependencies for tty-tree 0.3.0

tty 0.9.1

A toolbox for developing beautiful command line clients.

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Advanced docker and consul control scripts

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arborist 0.5.0

Arborist is a monitoring toolkit that follows the UNIX philosophy of small parts and lo...

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leeloo 0.1.0

The easiest way to share securely your secrets

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fakerbot 0.4.4

Quickly look up Faker methods without leaving your terminal!

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ruby-edit 1.0.2

Edit grep results in one file

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tempest-time 0.5.0

Log your Tempo hours directly from the command line!

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dockman 0.1.12

Dockman reads partial docker-compose configurations and concatenates them in a single m...

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kuberun 0.1.2

CLI to run pods based on deployments

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duniter_rb_cli 0.4.0

Manipulate easily BMA endpoints in Duniter's nodes.

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dx 0.1.0

Deployment manager

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texico 0.2.0

Utility for handling project templates, build settings and project management

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gitdig 0.1.1

Weekly digest for your github account

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internal_tide_wrapper 0.3.0

Internal API wrapper for personal use

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turtle_in_the_sand 0.1.0

a command line experient

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devbin 0.0.0

Power up the containerized workspace with docker + docker-sync. Run command anywhere in...

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pry-hier 0.1.1

Given an class or module name hier command shows an ascii tree (similar to the tree she...

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npm_3pp_lister 0.2.0

Generates a list of dependencies in package.json, with name, version and a link to the ...

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warm-boot 0.1.1

Rich cli experience to generate a new rails app

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faker-bot 0.4.5

Quickly look up Faker methods without leaving your terminal!

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