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watir-webdriverの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require watir-webdriver

flights_gui_tests 2.4.98

test automatizado para los productos del equipo flights gui

546,579 ダウンロード

touch_action 1.3.3

Adds touch gestures simulation to Watir, Selenium and Capybara using YUI JS.

288,806 ダウンロード

watir-webdriver-performance 0.2.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

281,039 ダウンロード

watir-webdriver-performance 0.2.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

281,039 ダウンロード

auto_test 1.0

Automatic Testing Tool

232,448 ダウンロード

ds-gui-automation 0.3.0

DS Services testing Gem

189,391 ダウンロード

flights_gui_henry_tests 3.0.7

test automatizado para el proyecto flights gui

183,553 ダウンロード

awetestlib 1.2.4

Features robust and flexible reporting.

180,144 ダウンロード

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

128,273 ダウンロード

ole-qa-framework 3.18.1

Watir-Webdriver Based Page-Object Framework for Kuali Open Library Environment QA Testing

126,284 ダウンロード

watir-timecop 0.1.2

Watir::Wait::Timer implementation compatible with Timecop

116,632 ダウンロード

test-factory 0.5.3

This gem provides a set of modules and methods to help quickly and DRYly create a test ...

114,970 ダウンロード

sbsm 1.6.0

Application framework for state based session management

75,289 ダウンロード

watirmark 5.29.4

Watirmark is an MVC test framework for watir-webdriver

74,243 ダウンロード

crabfarm 0.7.11

Crabfarm lets you build web scrappers using TDD, it is also very opinionated about ...

71,950 ダウンロード

whos_using_what 1.1.4

What companies are using what technologies

66,514 ダウンロード

page_object_wrapper 1.6.1

Wraps watir-webdriver with convenient testing interface, based on PageObjects automatio...

65,318 ダウンロード


Distribut automated testing framework for Web or App.

53,218 ダウンロード

symbiont 1.2.0

Symbiont is a framework that allows you to describe your application in terms of ac...

46,982 ダウンロード

brand2csv 0.3.2

brand2csv creates csv files for swiss brand registered in a specific time period. The...

46,853 ダウンロード

bbmb 2.3.3

A Ruby gem for browser based orders of approved medical drugs in Switzerland

39,265 ダウンロード

watir-extensions-element-screenshot 0.0.3

Extend Watir to be able to screenshot any element

35,967 ダウンロード

calatrava 0.6.11

A framework to build cross-platform mobile apps with high quality native UIs.

33,307 ダウンロード

gless 3.0.0

This gem attempts to provide a more robust model for web application testing, on top of...

31,407 ダウンロード

sakai-cle-test-api 0.1.3

The Sakai-CLE gem provides an API for interacting with pages and page elements in rSmar...

25,490 ダウンロード

angular_webdriver 1.0.8

Angular webdriver.

25,122 ダウンロード

ada_matcher 0.1.4

Adds custom rspec matchers that test watir Page objects for ADA compliance

23,806 ダウンロード

xunlei 0.0.13

A browser script to access tasks automatically

23,683 ダウンロード

magicspec 0.0.14

A test framework using watir-webdriver rspec and page-object

22,166 ダウンロード

ds_test 0.2.5

Test de Media

19,734 ダウンロード

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