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zookeeper 的反向依赖 1.4.11

zk 1.9.6

A high-level wrapper around the zookeeper driver

1,467,150 下载

magellan-ruby 0.0.21

Ruby API for Magellan

153,266 下载

sensu-plugins-zookeeper 2.0.0

Zookeeper plugins for checks and metrics

118,480 下载

rebuy_deployment 0.9.0

This gem offers deployment for all projects

48,308 下载

kazoo-ruby 0.5.7

Library to access and manipulate Kafka metadata in Zookeeper

32,669 下载

sensu-plugins-kafka 0.12.2

Non Community Sensu plugins for Kafka

20,352 下载

fluent-plugin-kafka-enchanced 0.5.35

Fluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8

15,527 下载

redis_ring_client 0.1.2

The client counterpart to the RedisRing gem.

13,661 下载

redis_ring 0.1.3

RedisRing is a solution to run multiple small Redis instances intead of a single large ...

11,827 下载

varnish_rest_api 0.0.15

A restful http api for setting backend health, banning cache objects and getting status...

11,515 下载

cache_service 1.1.0

A gem for cache facility

9,827 下载

newrelic-zookeeper 1.0.0

ZooKeeper instrumentation for New Relic.

9,204 下载

hiera-zookeeper 0.1.3

A ZooKeeper backend for Hiera.

8,351 下载

hiera_zookeeper 0.2.3

A backend plugin to Hiera to enable it to reference data from Zookeeper.

8,017 下载

zk_client 0.5.3

This gem allows quick and simple access to a Zookeeper server.

7,374 下载

varnish_rest_api_client 0.0.4

A command line client for the varnish rest api.

4,335 下载

librato-storm-kafka 0.0.2

Collects metrics from a storm-kafka setup and publishes them to Librato

3,983 下载

singularity_task_history 0.1.2

Sensu check for singularity task history

3,053 下载

zk_service 0.0.1

This is a small library which provides a service registry for Zookeeper.

2,595 下载

zoology 0.1

Zookeeper utilities and recipes

2,342 下载

proxymgr 0.1

Manages Haproxy configuration dynamically

2,083 下载

fluent-plugin-zookeeper 0.1.2

Fluentd plugin for Apache Zookeeper

1,667 下载

sensu-plugins-kafka2 0.0.1

Sensu kafka plugins

1,286 下载

fluent-plugin-ruby-kafka 0.1.0

Kafka's produce fluentd plugin by ruby-kafka

1,134 下载

fluent-plugin-kafka-zendesk 0.1.4

Fluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8

1,119 下载

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