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Dependencias inversas para cocoapods Latest version of the following gems require cocoapods

slather 2.7.1

Test coverage reports for Xcode projects

4.912.088 Descargas

jazzy 0.14.0

Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C. Run in your Xcode project's root directory for in...

1.669.942 Descargas

fastlane-plugin-test_center 3.15.3

🎯 Understand, tame, and train your iOS & Mac tests 🎉

1.485.108 Descargas

cocoapods-check 1.1.0

'check' plugin for CocoaPods

1.072.838 Descargas

bd_pod_extentions 6.4.0


626.789 Descargas

cocoapods-acknowledgements 1.3.0

CocoaPods plugin that generates an acknowledgements plist to make it easy to create too...

452.394 Descargas

cocoapods-binary 0.4.4

integrate pods in form of prebuilt frameworks conveniently, reducing compile time

387.833 Descargas

cocoapods-tdfire-binary 2.0.9

cocoapods-tdfire-binary is a plugin which helps developer switching there project depen...

292.120 Descargas

cocoapods-rome 1.0.1

Rome makes it easy to build a list of frameworks for consumption outside of Xcode

165.879 Descargas

nixenvironment 0.0.161

Installs, updates and manages inner environment stuff to make build and deploy for NIX ...

152.953 Descargas

motion-cocoapods 1.11.0

motion-cocoapods allows RubyMotion projects to have access to the CocoaPods dependency ...

148.955 Descargas

cocoapods-bin 0.1.30

cocoapods-bin is a plugin which helps develpers switching pods between source code and ...

128.739 Descargas

motion-prime 1.0.7

RubyMotion apps development framework

104.380 Descargas

cocoapods-packager 1.5.0

CocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...

96.349 Descargas

cocoapods-static-swift-framework 0.5

use static framework for Swift

88.509 Descargas

cocoapods-repo-update 0.0.4

A CocoaPods plugin that updates your specs repos on pod install if needed.

82.698 Descargas

pod-builder 4.0.0

Prebuild CocoaPods pods to make compiling your Xcode projects faster

70.114 Descargas

xcodebuilder 0.1.13

A set of Rake tasks and utilities for building and releasing xcode projects

62.592 Descargas

cova 0.2.1

Cova removes a lot of the complexity that comes with designing, coding, testing, protot...

46.442 Descargas

branch_io_cli 0.13.1

Set up mobile app projects (currently iOS only) to use the Branch SDK without opening X...

46.327 Descargas

cocoapods-bugsnag 2.2.1

Configures the dSYM upload phase of your project when integrated with bugsnag.

45.236 Descargas

cocoapods-user-defined-build-types 0.0.7

A Cocoapods plugin which selectively modifies a Pod build_type right before integration...

39.814 Descargas

cocoapods-playgrounds 1.2.2

Generates a Swift Playground for any Pod.

37.100 Descargas

lanekit 0.9.0

LaneKit is an iOS Objective-C code generator for integration with RestKit. It generates...

35.826 Descargas

motion-form 0.5.4

RubyMotion Forms made easy.

34.441 Descargas

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34.134 Descargas

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34.134 Descargas

cocoapods-binary-cache 0.1.14

Reduce build time by building pod frameworks and cache to remote storage, reuse on mult...

25.939 Descargas

allegro_release 0.1.16

A command line tools to release module easily.

22.487 Descargas

struct 4.0.1

Struct provides structure and predictability for Xcode projects. Define your project wi...

21.910 Descargas

Total de descargas 42.999.620

Para esta versión 49.352

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