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cocoapodsの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require cocoapods

slather 2.7.1

Test coverage reports for Xcode projects

4,920,437 ダウンロード

jazzy 0.14.0

Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C. Run in your Xcode project's root directory for in...

1,672,192 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-test_center 3.15.3

🎯 Understand, tame, and train your iOS & Mac tests 🎉

1,488,593 ダウンロード

cocoapods-check 1.1.0

'check' plugin for CocoaPods

1,073,750 ダウンロード

bd_pod_extentions 6.4.0


629,948 ダウンロード

cocoapods-acknowledgements 1.3.0

CocoaPods plugin that generates an acknowledgements plist to make it easy to create too...

453,627 ダウンロード

cocoapods-binary 0.4.4

integrate pods in form of prebuilt frameworks conveniently, reducing compile time

388,573 ダウンロード

cocoapods-tdfire-binary 2.0.9

cocoapods-tdfire-binary is a plugin which helps developer switching there project depen...

292,474 ダウンロード

cocoapods-rome 1.0.1

Rome makes it easy to build a list of frameworks for consumption outside of Xcode

166,349 ダウンロード

nixenvironment 0.0.161

Installs, updates and manages inner environment stuff to make build and deploy for NIX ...

153,533 ダウンロード

motion-cocoapods 1.11.0

motion-cocoapods allows RubyMotion projects to have access to the CocoaPods dependency ...

149,154 ダウンロード

cocoapods-bin 0.1.30

cocoapods-bin is a plugin which helps develpers switching pods between source code and ...

128,980 ダウンロード

motion-prime 1.0.7

RubyMotion apps development framework

104,640 ダウンロード

cocoapods-packager 1.5.0

CocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...

96,629 ダウンロード

cocoapods-static-swift-framework 0.5

use static framework for Swift

88,574 ダウンロード

cocoapods-repo-update 0.0.4

A CocoaPods plugin that updates your specs repos on pod install if needed.

82,825 ダウンロード

pod-builder 4.0.0

Prebuild CocoaPods pods to make compiling your Xcode projects faster

70,599 ダウンロード

xcodebuilder 0.1.13

A set of Rake tasks and utilities for building and releasing xcode projects

62,715 ダウンロード

branch_io_cli 0.13.1

Set up mobile app projects (currently iOS only) to use the Branch SDK without opening X...

46,603 ダウンロード

cova 0.2.1

Cova removes a lot of the complexity that comes with designing, coding, testing, protot...

46,568 ダウンロード

cocoapods-bugsnag 2.2.1

Configures the dSYM upload phase of your project when integrated with bugsnag.

45,416 ダウンロード

cocoapods-user-defined-build-types 0.0.7

A Cocoapods plugin which selectively modifies a Pod build_type right before integration...

40,160 ダウンロード

cocoapods-playgrounds 1.2.2

Generates a Swift Playground for any Pod.

37,158 ダウンロード

lanekit 0.9.0

LaneKit is an iOS Objective-C code generator for integration with RestKit. It generates...

35,910 ダウンロード

motion-form 0.5.4

RubyMotion Forms made easy.

34,521 ダウンロード

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34,362 ダウンロード

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34,362 ダウンロード

cocoapods-binary-cache 0.1.14

Reduce build time by building pod frameworks and cache to remote storage, reuse on mult...

26,101 ダウンロード

allegro_release 0.1.16

A command line tools to release module easily.

22,583 ダウンロード

cocoapods-cafswitcher 0.0.32

A short description of cocoapods-cafswitcher.

22,045 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 43,081,144

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