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Reverse dependencies for danger Latest version of the following gems require danger

dumpman 1.8.2

it dumps

11,627 下載

pushmi_pullyu 2.0.1

Ruby application to manage flow of content from Jupiter into Swift for preservation

11,305 下載

danger-clorox 2.0.2

A Danger plugin for checking presence of file header comments.

10,333 下載

mongoid-danger 0.1.1

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the Mongoid community.

9,902 下載

krakenlab 2018.01.07

A Easy way to project your MMO Server.

7,852 下載

oura 0.1.8

unofficial API client of oura-cloud for ruby.

6,941 下載

gitlab_roulette 1.1.0

GitlabRoulette choose reviewer and a maintainer for your merge request automatically

6,184 下載

danger-swift_lint 0.1.0

A Danger plugin for displaying SwiftLint issues in your pull request

6,168 下載

ministryofjustice-danger 0.1.2

Add Danger and linter gems

6,119 下載

fastlane-plugin-danger_result 0.2.2

Get danger data plugin.

5,340 下載

slack-ruby-danger 0.2.0

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the slack-ruby community.

4,756 下載

danger-semantic-commit 0.3.1

A Danger plugin for linting semantic commits

3,353 下載


Keep your repo clean with simple CI rules

3,116 下載

danger-mcbrain 0.0.2

Give Danger some persistent memory.

3,067 下載

danger-kiriban 0.1.1

A Danger plugin for kiriban

2,918 下載

mercury_web_parser 0.1.2

A simple Ruby wrapper for the Mercury Web Parser API

2,897 下載

danger-js 1.0.0

Stop Saying 'You Forgot To…' in Code Review, in JavaScript

2,598 下載

52inc-danger 1.0.2

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the Ruby Grape community.

2,543 下載

danger-xcodeproj 0.0.3

A Danger pulgin for xcodeproj ruby gem.

2,411 下載

nabokov 0.1.1

One of the way to work on the localization - store it in the separate github repo ...

2,408 下載

feedjira-atypon 0.0.2

Atypon RSS format parser for Feedjira

2,244 下載

danger-angular_commit_lint 1.1.2

A Danger Plugin that ensures nice and tidy commit messages.

1,626 下載

munchsrb 1.0.0

Munch's Burger Scraper Gem.

1,483 下載

cnh 0.1.0

Validates the Brazilian Transit Driver's License

1,319 下載

capistrano-nvm202x 3.0.0

nvm integration for Capistrano

1,276 下載

moj-danger 0.1.0

Add Danger gems

1,240 下載

mlabs-danger 0.1.0

Danger runs on CI and reports common code review chores, code quality and test coverage.

1,214 下載

danger-typetalk 0.1.0

Danger plugin to send notification to Typetalk.

902 下載

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這個版本 135,293

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.4.0