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Reverse dependencies for iso-639 Latest version of the following gems require iso-639

tesseract-ocr 0.1.8

A wrapper library to the tesseract-ocr API.

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showoff 0.20.3

Showoff is a Sinatra web app that reads simple configuration files for a presentation...

208,581 下載

metanorma-ogc 2.2.3

Metanorma for the Open Geospatial Consortium.

175,324 下載

mods 3.0.3

Parse MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) records. More information about MODS c...

152,481 下載

metanorma-nist 1.3.2

Metanorma NIST gem.

136,922 下載

metanorma-un 0.9.9

Metanorma for UN documents. Formerly known as metanorma-unece

114,902 下載

exlibris-primo 2.1.1

Library to work with Exlibris' Primo discovery system. Does not require Rails.

99,101 下載

metanorma-unece 0.2.14

Metanorma for UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

68,056 下載

europeana-blacklight 1.3.1

Europeana REST API adapter for Blacklight

61,119 下載

europeana-api 1.2.0

Search and retrieve records from the Europeana REST API

34,264 下載

tivohmo 0.3.2

Allows one to author Tivo HMO applications using ruby

23,341 下載

muwu 3.0.0

Compile markup files (Markdown and YAML) into HTML.

13,393 下載

locgen 0.0.33

Generate localizable strings from xlsx file.

12,074 下載

locgen 0.0.33

Generate localizable strings from xlsx file.

12,074 下載

iso639-validator 0.0.3

Validates that a value is either an alfa-2 code, alfa-3 code, French name or English name

7,509 下載

ghwikitools 0.0.2

GitHub wiki management tools.

6,140 下載

digital_bible_platform 0.0.2

A Ruby client for

5,599 下載

lifft 0.0.2

A tool simple too for uploading Xliffs to GetLocalization

2,829 下載

omnievent 0.1.0.pre2

Manage events from any calendar, event discovery, event ticketing, event management...

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