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Reverse dependencies for opal Latest version of the following gems require opal

hyalite 0.3.2

Virtual DOM implimentation in Ruby using Opal

15,305 下載

isomorfeus-operation 1.0.0.zeta25

Write operations for Isomorfeus in your natural language.

14,983 下載

isomorfeus-i18n 1.0.0.zeta25

I18n for Isomorfeus.

14,975 下載

isomorfeus-data 1.0.0.zeta25

Write Browser Apps that transparently access server side data with Graphs and Collectio...

14,973 下載

isomorfeus-policy 1.0.0.zeta25

Policies for Isomorfeus.

14,352 下載

opal-phaser 0.4.5

Opal wrapper library for the Phaser framework

14,329 下載

reactrb 0.9.0

Write React UI components in pure Ruby.

13,371 下載

isomorfeus-puppetmaster 0.4.0

Acceptance testing for isomorfeus.

12,288 下載

opal-minitest 0.0.5

Minitest test runner for Opal

11,989 下載

fron 0.1.4

Frontend Application Framework that uses Opal

11,549 下載

gibier 0.8.17

This is a simple slideshow app using Hyalite( Its p...

11,524 下載

dare 0.2.0

Ruby 2D Game library on top of Opal

11,049 下載

roda-opal_assets 0.3.4

Compile Opal assets trivially on Roda

10,964 下載

node_module 0.2.1

Evaluate methods in Ruby as Javascript instead

10,031 下載

bluesky 0.1.9

An app framework built on top of opal and clearwater

9,818 下載

kame-remocon 0.2.9

This is a remote controller to command for the turtle draw graphics.

9,126 下載

sottolio 0.2

Engine to make visual novel games to be run inside your web browser.

8,832 下載

opal-phoenix 0.0.8

Phoenix client wrapper for opal

8,418 下載

opal-pixi 0.3.6

Opal DOM library for pixi

8,383 下載

opal-actioncable 0.2.3

Bring all the ActionCable goodness back to the ruby language

8,149 下載

redom 0.1.2

A distributed object based server-centric web framework.

7,692 下載

react.rb 0.3.0

Write reactive UI component with Ruby's elegancy and compiled to run in Javascript.

7,448 下載

opal-erb 0.2.0

ERB for Opal

7,407 下載

stripe-opal 0.0.6

Wrapper around stripe.js to make Opal payments easier

7,244 下載

author_engine 0.9.0

Create arcade style games quickly and easily

7,083 下載

opal-promise-patch 0.0.2

A new way to write synchronize code with opal promises

7,039 下載

sandoz 0.1.52

Ruby p5.js wrapper for trippy visuals.

6,837 下載

ruta 1.2.3

Front end agnostic router built in opal

6,385 下載

jekyll-opal 0.3.0

Let Jekyll convert your Ruby into JavaScript using Opal.

6,380 下載

hyper-state 0.1

Flux Stores and more for Hyperloop

6,363 下載

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