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rspec-collection_matchers 的反向依赖 1.2.0

cookiejar 0.3.3

Allows for parsing and returning cookies in Ruby HTTP client code

10,131,818 下载

roadie 3.5.0

Roadie tries to make sending HTML emails a little less painful by inlining stylesheets ...

6,165,523 下载

ddtrace 0.27.0

ddtrace is Datadog’s tracing client for Ruby. It is used to trace requests as they flow...

5,778,178 下载

roadie-rails 2.1.0

Hooks Roadie into your Rails application to help with email generation.

4,406,780 下载

ci_reporter_rspec 1.0.0

Connects CI::Reporter to RSpec

4,141,979 下载

skylight 4.1.2

Skylight is a smart profiler for Rails, Sinatra, and other Ruby apps.

3,844,481 下载

puppet-lint-unquoted_string-check 0.3.0

A puppet-lint plugin to check that selectors and case statements cases are quoted.

2,669,440 下载

puppet-lint-leading_zero-check 0.1.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check for unquoted numbers with leading zero.

2,401,843 下载

puppet-lint-absolute_classname-check 1.0.0

A puppet-lint plugin to check that classes are included by their absolute name.

1,915,558 下载

html2text 0.3.1

A Ruby component to convert HTML into a plain text format.

1,822,430 下载

validates_hostname 1.0.8

Extension to ActiveRecord::Base for validating hostnames

1,730,041 下载

puppet-lint-trailing_comma-check 0.4.2

A puppet-lint plugin to check for missing trailing commas.

1,525,356 下载

chewy 5.0.1

Chewy provides functionality for Elasticsearch index handling, documents import mapping...

1,135,067 下载

puppet-lint-param-docs 1.5.0

A new check for puppet-lint that validates all parameters are documented.

1,098,306 下载

puppet-lint-version_comparison-check 0.2.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check for versions compared as numbers.

1,072,760 下载

puppet-lint-empty_string-check 0.2.2

A puppet-lint plugin to check for variables assigned to the empty string.

1,063,410 下载

skylight-core 4.1.2

The core methods of the Skylight profiler.

980,496 下载

puppet-lint-undef_in_function-check 0.2.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check for undef in function calls.

977,290 下载

puppet-lint-file_ensure-check 0.3.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check the ensure attribute on file resources.

924,099 下载

puppet-lint-absolute_template_path 1.0.1

A new check for puppet-lint that checks all template paths are in the template('exa...

844,732 下载

puppet-lint-trailing_newline-check 1.1.0

Extends puppet-lint to ensure that your manifest files end with newlines.

743,939 下载

mailboxer 0.15.1

A Rails engine that allows any model to act as messageable, adding the ability to excha...

732,289 下载

ci_reporter_minitest 1.0.0

Connects CI::Reporter to Minitest

714,380 下载

puppet-lint-spaceship_operator_without_tag-check 0.1.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check that spaceship operator is called with a tag.

648,605 下载

puppet-lint-numericvariable 1.0.3

Extends puppet-lint to ensure that your variables are not numeric

594,711 下载

puppet-lint-classes_and_types_beginning_with_digits-check 0.1.2

A puppet-lint plugin to check for classes and defined types that contain names beginnin...

546,338 下载

blacklight 7.1.0

Blacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...

544,048 下载

activerecord-tableless 2.0.0

ActiveRecord Tableless Models provides a simple mixin for creating models that are not ...

456,118 下载

puppet-lint-resource_reference_syntax 1.0.14

Extends puppet-lint to ensure that the reference syntax follows Puppet 4 style

430,215 下载

puppet_pot_generator 1.0.1

Generates a pot file from your puppet code

386,117 下载

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