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simplecov-coberturaの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require simplecov-cobertura

rufo 0.13.0

Fast and unobtrusive Ruby code formatter

845,979 ダウンロード

zuora_connect 3.0.1

Description of Connect.

465,962 ダウンロード

zuora_api 1.10.0

Gem that provides easy integration to Zuora

297,228 ダウンロード

govdelivery-tms 3.0.0

A reference implementation, written in Ruby, to interact with GovD...

130,499 ダウンロード

jsonapi_errors_handler 0.4.0

This gem is a convienient wrapper for your application errors. It allows you to map any...

96,007 ダウンロード

decidim-dev 0.25.0

Utilities and tools we need to develop Decidim

92,026 ダウンロード

slosilo 2.2.2

This gem provides an easy way of storing and retrieving encryption keys in the database.

76,177 ダウンロード

zuora_connect_ui 0.12.0

Description of Connect UI

59,330 ダウンロード

hoe-manns 2.1.8

hoe-manns is a small collection of my personal used rake tasks for using with hoe.

38,489 ダウンロード

jenkinsutil 1.0.72

Gem for managing tasks in CI

30,123 ダウンロード

skull_island 2.3.4

A Ruby SDK for Kong

29,544 ダウンロード

pb-serializer 0.5.1

Serialize objects into Protocol Buffers messages

20,051 ダウンロード

dude-cli 2.1.0

This program helps to combine such services as Jira, Toggl and git and replace most rou...

18,724 ダウンロード

picsolve_docker_builder 0.5.5

Helper for building docker images.

16,749 ダウンロード

rb-net_http-client 1.6.0

A Simple Ruby HTTP Client built on top of the Ruby Net HTTP standard library.

15,341 ダウンロード

pludoni_rspec 0.9.0

pludoni GmbH's RSpec template. Just require in spec_helper

13,526 ダウンロード

zuora_observability 0.3.4

Description of ZuoraObservability.

11,413 ダウンロード

jahuty 3.4.0

Turn any page into a content-managed page.

9,149 ダウンロード

jsom-pagination 0.1.3

Easy to use, framework-agnostic set of methods useful for integrating JSON:API in y...

4,919 ダウンロード

sinatra-param2 1.0.0

sinatra-param2 allows you to declare, validate, and transform endpoint parameters as yo...

4,566 ダウンロード

zyre 0.4.1

A ZRE library for Ruby. This is a Ruby (MRI) binding for the Zyre library for reliable ...

3,213 ダウンロード

ddtrace-annotation 1.0.0

ddtrace-annotation allows you to annotate methods to be traced by Datadog Tracing Ruby ...

2,789 ダウンロード

fixerio_client 0.2.0

Get latest or historic currency rates for base EUR from

2,784 ダウンロード

business_central 0.9.4

Interact with the Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central API

2,578 ダウンロード

mongodb_queue 1.0.0

A mongoDB based messaging queue that supports multiple queues

2,160 ダウンロード

bullion 0.2.0

Ruby ACME v2 Certificate Authority

1,897 ダウンロード

rb_json5 0.3.0

JSON5 parser for Ruby

1,787 ダウンロード

injected-dependencies 0.1.2

Guice inspired dependency injection

1,486 ダウンロード

connected 0.1.0

A Ruby object-oriented solver for directed and undirected graphs based loosely on Dijks...

742 ダウンロード

gem_generator 0.2.0

Generator for gems.

217 ダウンロード

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