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Reverse dependencies for simplecov-cobertura Latest version of the following gems require simplecov-cobertura

redis-objects 1.7.0

Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects. Works with any class or ORM.

8,655,573 下載

graphlyte 1.0.0

craft graphql queries with ruby

1,897,762 下載

rufo 0.13.0

Fast and unobtrusive Ruby code formatter

1,530,854 下載

nylas 5.13.0

Gem for interacting with the Nylas API.

1,456,306 下載

filewatcher 2.1.0

Detect changes in file system. Works anywhere.

1,080,682 下載

zuora_connect 3.1.5

Description of Connect.

863,075 下載

influxdb-client 2.9.0

This is the official Ruby library for InfluxDB 2.

658,548 下載

zuora_api 1.11.2

Gem that provides easy integration to Zuora

513,716 下載

onlyoffice_webdriver_wrapper 1.13.0

ONLYOFFICE Webdriver Wrapper Gem. Used in QA

417,788 下載

sidekiq-instrument 0.5.2

StatsD & DogStatsD Instrumentation for Sidekiq

192,144 下載

decidim-dev 0.27.1

Utilities and tools we need to develop Decidim

170,542 下載

govdelivery-tms 3.0.0

A reference implementation, written in Ruby, to interact with GovD...

167,756 下載

flame 4.18.1

Use controller's classes with instance methods as routing actions, mounting its in appl...

163,417 下載

tilt-handlebars 2.0.0

A Tilt interface for the official JavaScript implementation of the Handlebars templ...

143,839 下載

jsonapi_errors_handler 0.6.0

This gem is a convienient wrapper for your application errors. It allows you to map any...

122,539 下載

peoplegroup-connectors 0.3.3

Avoid repeating methods in different projects for our connectos.

117,095 下載

zuora_connect_ui 0.12.3

Description of Connect UI

106,394 下載

slosilo 3.0.0

This gem provides an easy way of storing and retrieving encryption keys in the database.

106,237 下載

onlyoffice_api 1.0.1

Ruby Framework to interact with OnlyOffice API 2.0

105,222 下載

onlyoffice_iredmail_helper 1.0.0

ONLYOFFICE Helper Gem for iRedMail. Used in QA

91,711 下載

kanrisuru 1.0.0

Kanrisuru helps manage remote servers with objected oriented ruby. Results come ba...

83,356 下載

legitbot 1.7.2

Does Web request come from a real search engine or from an impersonating agent?

81,005 下載

influxdb-client-apis 2.9.0

This is the official client APIs for for InfluxDB 2.

74,029 下載

hoe-manns 2.1.8

hoe-manns is a small collection of my personal used rake tasks for using with hoe.

58,980 下載

skull_island 2.3.4

A Ruby SDK for Kong

57,885 下載

jenkinsutil 1.0.72

Gem for managing tasks in CI

49,822 下載

fluent-plugin-influxdb-v2 1.10.0

A buffered output plugin for Fluentd and InfluxDB 2

43,482 下載

pb-serializer 0.5.1

Serialize objects into Protocol Buffers messages

42,966 下載

dude-cli 2.1.0

This program helps to combine such services as Jira, Toggl and git and replace most rou...

41,159 下載

redcord 0.2.1

A Ruby ORM like Active Record, but for Redis

38,864 下載

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這個版本 1,641,993

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5.0