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  1. 4,912 downloads
    ar-tsvectors (1.0.0) Support for PostgreSQL's ts_vector data type in ActiveRecord. Perfect for indexing tags, arrays etc.
  2. 1,303 downloads
    art_typograf (0.0.1) Universal tool for preparing russian text for web publishing. Ruby wrapper for typograf.artlebede...
  3. 2,070 downloads
    art_typograph (0.1.1) Клиент для веб-сервиса Типографа студии Лебедева
  4. 63,425 downloads
    arturo (2.0.0) Deploy features incrementally to your users
  5. 1,740 downloads
    arturop-autocomplete_for (1.0.0) Model-side logic for autocompleting belongs_to associations
  6. 1,809 downloads
    arturop-chronic_duration (0.9.7) A simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time. (For example, 4 hours and 30 minutes, 6 m...
  7. 4,790 downloads
    arturop-hydra (0.25.0) Spread your tests over multiple machines to test your code faster.
  8. 2,624 downloads
    artwork (0.4.2) Automated user resolution based image size choosing for your Rails views, but done at the backend.
  9. 3,097 downloads
    artworker (0.2.2) A ruby gem to help with common artist and artwork attributes.
  10. 696,244 downloads
    aruba (0.6.1) CLI Steps for Cucumber, hand-crafted for you in Aruba
  11. 21,765 downloads
    aruba-doubles (1.2.1) Cucumber Steps to double Command Line Applications
  12. 34,353 downloads
    aruba-jbb ( Fork of Aruba, Cucumber steps for testing CLI applications.
  13. 2,124 downloads
    aruba-rspec (1.0.1) Aruba and ArubaDoubles help to test command-line tools, but they are build around Cucumber. This ...
  14. 76 downloads
    a-ruby-promise (0.0.1) A Ruby Promise implementation that attempts to comply with the Promises/A+ specification and test...
  15. 1,649 downloads
    arun_first_gem (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  16. 1,660 downloads
    arun_second_gem (0.0.1) There is nothing worthy this gem is doing
  17. 92 downloads
    arun_test_gem (0.0.1) yes this is demo test.
  18. 394 downloads
    arunthampi-evented_net (0.1.2) Evented HTTP Library. Wraps Normal HTTP GET/POST calls to use evented calls if EventMachine is ru...
  19. 2,302 downloads
    arunthampi-friendly (0.5.1) NoSQL with MySQL in Ruby
  20. 1,155 downloads
    arunthampi-injour (0.2.3) Publish your statuses over Bonjour. A distributed approach to the In/Out app created by 37Signals.
  21. 2,285 downloads
    arunthampi-memcached (0.17.4) Chu Yeow's fork of memcached which allows big-set and big-get
  22. 207 downloads
    arunthampi-supermodel (0.1.0) Sexy Semantics for any Ruby model/library that you want to create
  23. 2,539 downloads
    arusarka-dynamic-active-resource (0.2.6) A wrapper around active resource. Normally changing active resource attributes doesn't get reflec...
  24. 1,568 downloads
    arusarka-mingle4r (0.2.7) A connector wrapper for connecting to Mingle(
  25. 140,637 downloads
    arvados (0.1.20140929162939) Arvados client library, git commit f1c20b66097f1bb37c0ffc8808b4a5831e91f87b
  26. 154,928 downloads
    arvados-cli (0.1.20141024172048) Arvados command line tools, git commit 35ade8a042094a27e2ca5cfd5e9754aa3513410c
  27. 2,339 downloads
    ar-validations (1.1.0) This ActiveRecord extension provides more validation schemes. There are some useful validation mi...
  28. 1,587 downloads
    ar-validations-json (0.0.1) Serializes ActiveRecord validations into JSON for use by rich-client apps.
  29. 9,230 downloads
    arver (0.1.6) Arver helps you to manage a large amount of crypted devices easily and safe amongst a certain amo...
  30. 9,714 downloads
    arvicco-amqp (0.6.13) An implementation of the AMQP protocol in Ruby/EventMachine. Fork of original tmm1/amqp with impr...