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  1. 3,414 downloads
    auto-hyde (0.1.1) A simple sinatra app exposing a url for github post-receive hooks to hit and trigger a rebuild of...
  2. 3,808 downloads
    auto_increment (0.2) Automaticaly increments a string or integer field in ActiveRecord.
  3. 965 downloads
    autoit-ffi (0.0.5) FFI bindings for AutoIt
  4. 1,389 downloads
    autojenkins (0.2) Library to remotely control Jenkins CI. Autojenkins can fetch, create, enable/disable and launch ...
  5. 4,227 downloads
    autolang (0.2.0) Kick-start new translation via google translate
  6. 5,816 downloads
    autolink (3.0.0) By setting a default lineage in each model, and using these monkeypatches to Rails, the url helpe...
  7. 440 downloads
    autolinker (0.1) An autolinking library that acts as a standalone replacement for Rails `auto_link`
  8. 1,560 downloads
    autolinks (0.1.2) Autolinks automatically replaces urls, emails, twitter handles and hashtags with html links
  9. 2,470 downloads
    autoload (0.3.0) Ruby is officially deprecating autoload. Well, some people may prefer to keep it! Moreover, Ruby'...
  10. 1,966 downloads
    autoloader (0.0.2) Crawl a directory at a time, adding files via Kernel#autoload
  11. 1,553 downloads
    autoload_for (0.0.2) Have your classes in a directory autoloaded, just like Rails does with app/models, app/controller...
  12. 139 downloads
    autoloading (0.0.1) Autoload Ruby classes or modules by inferring the file path from the name
  13. 1,829 downloads
    autoload_resources (0.0.6) Autoload resources for Rails controllers
  14. 1,439 downloads
    auto_locale (0.1.0) Use this gem to automatically set the current locale from the browsers HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header
  15. 2,220 downloads
    AutoLocale (0.1.3) Allows you to find missing locales and automatically add them in the locale yaml file
  16. 6,285 downloads
    autolog (0.3.0) Automatically log events like executed lines, methods, class and module definitions, C-language r...
  17. 3,420 downloads
    automagical_validations (0.2.0) ActiveRecord extension that allows to infer validation rules from database
  18. 5,657 downloads
    automaker (0.1.2) Will monitor a directory using fsevents api and call make when something changes. Only works on M...
  19. 3,819 downloads
    automapper ( AutoMapper uses a fluent configuration API to define an object-object mapping strategy. AutoMappe...
  20. 9,546 downloads
    automata (1.0.0) Create and simulate automaton.
  21. 738 downloads
    automate (0.1.0) The automate Gem provides a very simple DSL for writing command line automations, providing nice-...
  22. 2,824 downloads
    automated-commands (0.1.0) Insanely fast TestUnit tests using Rails & Commands
  23. 928 downloads
    automated_metareview (0.0.2) automated metareview
  24. 4,718 downloads
    automate-em (0.0.4) A framework for building automation.
  25. 53,318 downloads
    automateit (0.80624) AutomateIt is an open source tool for automating the setup and maintenance of servers, applicatio...
  26. 1,797 downloads
    automate-it (0.9.2) AutomateIt is an open source tool for automating the setup and maintenance of servers, applicatio...
  27. 5,513 downloads
    automate-standard-baseline (0.0.9) auomated standard baseline test
  28. 14,368 downloads
    automatic (14.3.0) Ruby framework for the general-purpose automatic processing
  29. 597 downloads
    automatic-client (0.0.4) Interact with the Automatic API.
  30. 24,492 downloads
    automatic_foreign_key (1.3.0) Automatic Foreign Key automatically generates foreign-key constraints when creating tables or add...