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  1. 1,362 downloads
    audited-deferrable (0.1.1) Extension to the audited gem to deferred writing of audits via Resque, Delayed Job, or Sidekiq
  2. 9,195 downloads
    audited_logfile (0.0.12) Audited extention to log audit
  3. 2,036 downloads
    audited-mongo_mapper (3.0.0) Log all changes to your MongoMapper models
  4. 19,106 downloads
    auditing (1.4.0) acts_as_versioned is good. This allows an attribute level rollback instead
  5. 955 downloads
    auditlog (0.0.2) Rails gem to track active record model changes. Allows user to track action based model changes.
  6. 8,444 downloads
    audit_log (0.0.10) Logs of model changes, including nested attributes.
  7. 24,478 downloads
    auditor (2.3.4) Auditor allows you to declaratively specify what CRUD operations should be audited and save the a...
  8. 1,077 downloads
    auditor_tenancy (2.4.0) Auditor allows you to declaratively specify what CRUD operations should be audited and save the a...
  9. 5,498 downloads
    auditrail (0.0.4) Track changes on Active Record models based on ActiveSupport::Callbacks and ActiveModel::Dirty
  10. 17,216 downloads
    audit_rails (2.0.9) An action based auditor, which has internal as well as outgoing link tracking. Provides Analytics...
  11. 7,955 downloads
    audit_record (0.1.5) A simple gem built for Rails 3+ which creates an audit when events that you configure occur. The ...
  12. 2,560 downloads
    audit_trail (0.1.0) tracks_changes provides a way to easily keep track of changes to ActiveRecord models at an attrib...
  13. 6,155 downloads
    audit_trails (0.0.2) Description of AuditTrails.
  14. 10,139 downloads
    audrey2 (0.3.1) Audrey 2.0 is a command-line utility for customizable feed processing, aggregation, and output.
  15. 2,222 downloads
    augeas (0.6.3) A fork of ruby-augeas (bindings for augeas) with exceptions support.
  16. 22,458 downloads
    auger (1.4.6) Auger: test-driven ops
  17. 3,912 downloads
    augment (1.0.1) == Usage The +augment+ executable gathers metadata in the form of layers for a given file via a ...
  18. 2,010 downloads
    augmented_array (0.0.1) The Ruby Array class is extended with some traversing methods and you will also be able to get an...
  19. 192 downloads
    augmentor (0.0.1) Augment an ActiveRecord class by including one or moe additional ActiveRecord extension classes. ...
  20. 842 downloads
    augusts_fancy_blog_post_parser (0.1.1) August's fancy blog post parser
  21. 864 downloads
    aui-rails (0.0.1) aui for rails
  22. 4,211 downloads
    aukan-bitmask (0.1.0) Agnostic Bitmask and BitmaskAttribute. This gem includes Bitmask for standalone usage, and Bitmas...
  23. 1,937 downloads
    aunderwo-gcal4ruby (0.5.6) A full featured wrapper for interacting with the Google Calendar API
  24. 1,914 downloads
    aunderwo-gdata4ruby (0.1.6) A full featured wrapper for interacting with the base Google Data API
  25. 7,901 downloads
    aunderwo-roo (1.1.2) roo can access the contents of OpenOffice-, Excel- or Google-Spreadsheets
  26. 941 downloads
    auntie (0.3.0) BBC News, Weather, Sport, and TV & Radio schedules right in your shell
  27. 3,127 downloads
    auom (0.1.0) Algebra (with) Units Of Measurement
  28. 3,098 downloads
    au_pair (1.0.7) AuPair provides token-based authentication and versioning for Rails API applications.
  29. 2,951 downloads
    aupairmeter (1.1.0) We tend to deeply care about validating our models. But what about those query string parameters?...
  30. 357 downloads
    auphonic (0.1.0) A ruby wrapper and CLI for the Auphonic API.