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itamae 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require itamae

infrataster 0.3.2

Infrastructure Behavior Testing Framework

413,214 下载

daddy 0.9.4

Daddy helps me build web applications since daddy knows some good practices.

384,176 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-rbenv 0.9.0

Itamae plugin to install ruby with rbenv

179,241 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-anyenv 0.4.0

Itamae plugin to install anyenv

90,267 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-selinux 0.0.5

Itamae selinux recipe plugin

72,509 下载

kondate 0.5.0

Kondate is yet another nodes management framework for Itamae/Serverspec.

53,078 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-selenium 0.3.6

itamae recipe for god process monitoring framework

39,019 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-iptables 0.0.2

itamae resource plugin to manage iptables.

36,905 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-daddy 0.1.22

itamae recipe collections

33,636 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-rtn_rbenv 0.1.5

Itamae Recipe 'rbenv'

29,234 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-supervisor 0.0.8

itamae recipe for supervisor process state controlling framework

29,039 下载

tenma 0.10.0

Tenma is command line tool for mobile application development.

28,678 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-pip 1.1.0

itamae plugin resource pip

26,377 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-encrypted_remote_file 0.0.3

encrypt secret data, and forward decrypted file to remote.

22,443 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-god 0.1.2

itamae recipe for god process monitoring framework

22,258 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-consul 0.1.5

Itamae plugin to install Consul with init scripts

21,648 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-npm 0.2.0

Install node package globally in itamae provision.

20,509 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-cask 0.2.4

Itamae resource plugin to manage homebrew cask packages.

20,462 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-passenger 0.1.4

itamae recipe for passenger installation

19,465 下载

itamae-recipe-seasoning 0.1.0

a patch to add seasonings to itamae recipes

19,168 下载

capistrano-itamae 1.0.2

Run itamae in capistrano task

17,492 下载

itamae-node_env 0.0.8

Environment variables in the node file

16,980 下载

itamae-plugin-resource-firewalld 0.1.1

Itamae resource plugin to manage firewalld.

16,663 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-nginx_build 0.1.6

Itamae plugin to install nginx-build

16,627 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-nodebrew 0.1.1

Itamae Recipe 'nodebrew'

16,477 下载

hocho 0.3.7

Server provisioning tool with itamae

16,252 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-datadog 0.3.1

Itamae plugin to install datadog-agent.

15,392 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-idcf-backup_to_object_storage 0.1.6

An itamae plugin to backup directories to IDCF Object Storage

13,845 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-ros 0.2.2

Itamae plugin to install ros on each platform.

13,238 下载

itamae-plugin-recipe-redmine 0.2.1

itamae recipe to ease redmine installation

12,621 下载

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